A Perfect Day

A Perfect Day

Last week I wrote a post about having more fun in your business. While you certainly should enjoy what you do, there are many fun activities you can’t directly apply to your business.


Yesterday I took a trip with my brother to ‘Joshua Tree’, a national park with gigantic boulders scattered across a vast desert landscape. We didn’t have cell phone reception and I wasn’t thinking about my Amazon PPC campaigns.


The massive boulders reminded Ben and I of our childhood adventures climbing on the rocks in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. Our friends were shocked to see our heads pop up at the top of massive boulders that seemed impossible to climb.


We had a lot of fun and were fully present in the moment. The desert playground was all ours. I hadn’t spent quality time with my brother since Christmas and we were very glad to be re-connected.


Here are a few more pictures of the day.





All Images By Bunch.

When we returned home around 5PM I put on my workout shorts and headed to the back yard. After a day of running in the desert I did my ‘daily routine’ of working out, networking, listening to business leaders, and learning Spanish/German. I also did some more specific work related to my Amazon business to keep me moving forward.


At the end of the day I was exhausted. My body was out of energy. After barbecuing a rack of ribs with my brother I set my alarm for 7AM the next morning and fell into my bed and a deep sleep.


This is my perfect day. I will never forget our time at Joshua Tree with my brother and I didn’t forget about my long-term goals. I kept moving ahead and I didn’t resent the work for ‘taking me away’ from my life.


If you’re willing to put in the energy you can have the best of both worlds. It’s made even sweeter if you enjoy the work you do for your business. Then you can enjoy working when an opportunity demands your attention or a crisis hits, even if you have no time for play.


When you have fun, be fully present in the experience. Climb the massive rocks. Play in the sun.


When you’re working, enjoy the challenge. Make yourself smarter. Keep your future ever-present in your mind.


Most importantly, don’t fear putting in the energy to make a dream a reality. Climb the biggest boulder you see. Make that cold-call to the millionaire mentor.


You will be so glad you did.