Passive Amazon FBA Investment

If you have some money to invest and you see the potential in Amazon FBA, why not let me do all the work?


I’ll Handle Everything – You Get To Watch The Daily Sales


No More…

  • Researching Profitable Niches

  • Communicating With Suppliers

  • Managing Inventory

  • Creating Listings

  • Setting Up PPC


I do it all for you! This is a passive investment utilizing Amazon FBA. You provide the capital, I take the action.



Me at the Canton Fair.


I’m constantly doing online research to find new untapped product opportunities.

I’m traveling around the globe, looking for ideas are popular in other countries but that haven’t reached America yet.

This program is very simple… We make money together. You get your entire initial investment out first, and after you have your money back, we split the profits.

If you’re interested in investing, please reach out to me on my contact form.

If you’re interested in investing, have a look at some of the opportunities I’ve found below…


F******** ****




Initial Investment:

Inventory + Shipping = $650

Listing Creation + PPC = $350



  • Cell-Phone Images
  • Over-Priced
  • Poor Copywriting
  • No Off-Amazon Branding
  • Only A Few Related Listings On Amazon
  • Massive Opportunity To Build A Brand And Dominate The Space



I****** ********



Initial Investment:

Inventory + Shipping = $2,000

Listing Creation + PPC = $500


  • Extremely Low Reviews
  • Poor Use Of Bullets
  • No Single Dominant Brand
  • No Innovation – We have a product improvement to blow away the competition.