Factory Reviews

Nico has worked with over 20 manufacturing companies in China, India, and other countries around the world. Here is what these factories say about their experience working with Nico.



Austin Huang

This is Austin from Jieyang Tang Kitchen Metal&Plastic Products Co.,Limited , a stainless steel flatware factory in China . We have cooperated with Nico for 2 years . Nico is not only a good customer, but also is a very good and mutual trusted friend for me now . he has many idea on the products to adapt the market so we get around 6 repeat orders in this past year . He is a person who keep his promise once he made , every time the payment no need me to ask , he will do as we said . He is really a good friend , he try to recommend some customers to me also . I believe that every factory who cooperate with Nico will get the mutual benefit and will be the good friend also .

我是揭阳唐厨五金塑胶制有限公司的 Austin,我们是做不锈钢餐具 的。我们跟 Nico 已经合作了两年了。他不仅是一个很好的客人,而 且还是一个很值得信赖的朋友。他在产品上有很多想法,能够使产品 适应市场。过去这一年我们已经六次返单了。他也是非常信守承诺的 一个人,每次付款都会按照我们所说的去履行。他也是个很好的朋友, 他经常尝试推荐客人给我。我相信任何工厂跟他合作,都不止能否成 为互利互益的商业伙伴,而且还会成为很好的朋友。

Katherine Sun

“MFG is a very co-operative business partner, which owns a great working group with complete and strict system,and thereby working with them is a pleasant experience.We look forward to a long-term partnership.”


Liz Zhang


I am pleased to partner with you in business.

After a year of cooperation,you won a good reputation and trust from me.

Abviously,your team has strong sales ability, I hope your business is getting better in the future.

Sincerely look forward to more cooperation.

Best Wishes,

Liz Zhang

Kevin Kang

“Have cooperated with nico for a year and really a good buisness partener. Sincere, young, easy-communicated. Repeated orders every 2-3 months and punctual in payment. Personally I like this customer and he deserves best products and service.”