Location Independence Opens The Final Frontier

Location Independence Opens The Final Frontier

Location independent work allows you to work anywhere radio signals can reach.


This includes almost anywhere on earth, but also the International Space Station, the Moon and even Mars.


Most of us are not planning on living in space, but the first people to be able to will be…


  1. Astronauts on ‘Missions’ paid for by governments and businesses

  2. Super-Wealthy Individuals who can afford it

  3. Semi-Wealthy Individuals who can continue to earn income in space


You will never be able to go to space if you earn money with earth-based job, but you can continue collecting checks from and growing your online business with the ISS Wifi, then sending rent checks to NASA or SpaceX.


If you’re an astronaut who visits the International Space Station for 6 months at a stretch, you can continue your side-hustle e-commerce store.


Today’s Reality: Almost nobody goes to space and not many people want to.


Inevitable Future: Space travel will become more popular, available and affordable. We’re living longer and technology is advancing faster. Crossing the Atlantic used to be similarly dangerous but business travelers regularly commute between London and New York today.


If you’re excited by space, are planning a career as an astronaut or just want to keep your interplanetary options open, consider learning how to earn location independent income as a way to make space travel more possible.