The Integrated Life (Of A Digital Nomad)

The Integrated Life (Of A Digital Nomad)

As a digital nomad I spend a lot of time filling out customs declarations and visa forms.


These forms always ask me to state my purpose for traveling and I’m never sure which box to check.


Business or Tourism?


Am I here to work or to have fun?


The truth is typically somewhere in the middle. I’m almost always traveling for both.


I visited the Philippines to work for a resort and learn about internet marketing. I was also looking forward to sailing and scuba diving.


I went to China looking for products to buy at the Canton Fair but I enjoyed the street markets and unique Chinese food just as much.



I went to Mexico to camp and spend time in the desert. I also met investors and potential partners.


Now I’m in California spending time with my brother and shaking hands with mentors I’m meeting in person for the first time.


Next month I’m flying to Massachusetts to go sailing and spend some family time with my mom and dad. I’ll also be meeting with more potential investors and mentors while I’m in Boston.




I’m working on my business everywhere I go. While I’m getting to know some of the world’s most beautiful location I’m also putting in 50+ hour weeks to learn and take the action steps necessary to get my business off the ground.


The Integrated Life


Business and personal goals can fit together.


A long day of product sourcing and research ends watching satellites zip across the Milky Way, clearly visible in the light-pollution-free Mexican sky.


You can ride horses all day, cook dinner over a campfire and spend the evening learning from Gary Vaynerchuk’s new audiobook.


Horseback Riding Holiday In Mexico


You can shake hands with investors in the morning and hold hands with your mom in the afternoon while sailing in the blue waters of New England.


Integrating your life means that you get more of everything you want.


I work a lot but I also feel like I’m on a never-ending vacation.


That’s why I’m confused when filling out my visa applications.


Business? Tourism? Why not both?


Why not choose integration, flexibility, and freedom?


That’s why I’m a digital nomad. That’s why I travel to exotic locations. That’s why I’m building a business I can run from anywhere.


I promise, the leap is worth taking.


Want to make a change? Send me a message and let’s make it happen.