When Did We All Become Drama Queens?

Photo on 9-25-14 at 7.46 AMLife has it’s ups.

Life has it’s downs.

When did we all start crying, moaning, or cheering about it?

And WHY did we?

Life just is. It is what it is, take all the good, bad, and mediocre with it.

It’s funny how ridiculous we all can be on a day-to-day basis.

Something good happens to us; we’re calling our family and walking on air.

Something bad happens (or we f*** up) and we’re down in the gutter sobbing ourselves to sleep.

I’ve been going through a transition period in my own life at the moment, and I’m very surprised by my behavior.

First, I didn’t want to share the details with anyone. I made a mistake and the embarrassment was killing me.

Second, whenever good news seemed to show up, (something that promised things weren’t that bad) I was on the phone with my parents ASAP to tell them the good news.

I was on a crazy roller coaster ride; made even more intense by my solitude when I was afraid and my shouting to tell the world I was ‘OK’ when things took a tiny turn in a positive direction.

My question remains….. Why did I become such a drama queen?

I know that sometimes I screw up. I know that there will be consequences for that.

I know that I’ll work it out, and I know that the difficult times will eventually go away.

So why did I let myself go on this roller coaster?

Maybe it’s engrained. Maybe it’s genetic. Maybe I was brought up that way. Maybe it’s a defense mechanism of mine.

No matter the reason, I let it happen.

Maybe it’s healthy. Maybe it’s good to let your emotions go so that you can feel them all.

I can be a ‘drama queen’ sometimes, even though I know it is silly and useless.

I’ll be the first to admit it.