If you’re like most of the readers on this website you want to travel full-time while planning for an incredible future.


Working your way up the corporate ladder for 40 years so you can finally afford to travel full-time isn’t appealing to you. You want to travel now!


But ‘bumming around’ for 10 years doesn’t appeal to you either. Becoming financially independent is just as important as becoming location independent.


You’re willing to put in the time and effort to make both dreams a reality.


The 21st Century Career


Words like ‘career development’, ‘retirement’, and ‘job security’ don’t hold the same meaning they did 50 years ago.


The nature of work is transforming and if you’ve felt the winds of change, you’re not alone.


Overqualified college graduates are handing their resumes to Starbucks managers. Financial busts wipe out retirement savings that took 40 years to build. 80% of employees in America don’t like their jobs.


The narrative doesn’t make sense any more.


You’re Looking For Something Different


You want to travel. You want to get rich! (And not feel guilty about it.)


You want to positively affect the lives of thousands of people. You want to make an impact.


The stage is set, and all of this is possible.


Thanks in no small part to the internet, what used to be a pipe dream has now become a reality for tens of thousands of people.


If you’re on the road working on your dream, I applaud you.


If you’re still living the post World War II narrative but are afraid to let go, I understand. I knowingly avoiding my dream for years and it stressed the heck out of me. It wasn’t until I collapsed in the shower for the third time that I decided I needed to make a change.


Goals For This Blog


My mission is to get you to buy a plane ticket to the far side of the world.


It sounds drastic. It’s not.


Where most people screw up their dreams for location independence (or any major life change) isn’t in the middle. It’s at the very beginning.


It’s when you’re still living your old life, surrounded by people who won’t understand, desperately in need of the next paycheck. That’s when the dream is killed off.


Once you’re on the road, problems tend to work themselves out.


That initial fear of taking the first step off the beaten path spoils it all.


This blog is a catalyst to help you make that first step.


It is a record of my life.


It’s the unfolding story of what actually happens when you buy a ticket to the far side of the world to begin a career in the 21st century.


When I began I had no guarantees, no college degree, and only a few thousand dollars in savings. My hope is that by successfully achieving both financial and location independence and sharing my story, I can inspire you to do the same.


This website is packed with business lessons I’ve learned on the road, anecdotes from my travels, and inspirational guest posts from entrepreneurs who are living the dream.


All of this is to help you take the leap. I invite you to join me.

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