Where’s Nico Now?


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Would you like to own a company that you can run from your laptop, anywhere in the world?


Would you like to generate profits while you sleep?


Would you like to be a business owner, instead of an employee?


If you answered ‘Yes,’ let’s talk.




My name is Nico. I spent last year riding motorcycles in Thailand, SCUBA diving in the Philippines, and sharing exquisite meals with factory owners in China. I enjoy this lifestyle, and running a “location independent” business makes it possible.


The team and I sell $300,000/year of physical products on Amazon.com and we’re quickly scaling up to $1,000,000.


Now, I want to teach you how to run this kind of business, live wherever you want, and make money while you sleep.


The Apprenticeship


I will teach you how to run a profitable, location independent e-commerce business. You are paid to learn without risking your own money.


Let’s break that down…


  1. I will teach you” – I love teaching and empowering others to reach their goals. I will share all the steps, processes, and strategies I use to sell profitable products online. Within 6-12 months you will know enough to confidently launch your own company.

  2. Location independent e-commerce business” – You will learn to run a ‘laptop’ business that you can manage from the beach, the local café, or wherever you please. You will sell real products that solve real problems.

  3. Paid to learn” – You will learn every step involved with launching and selling products online. You keep a percentage of the profits.

  4. Without risking your own money” – Starting out in e-commerce was painful for me. I lost thousands of dollars on failed products. Now, we have investors and they pay for everything. You get a share of the profits without risking a dime of your own money.


Here’s what you’ll actually do every day…


  1. Niche Discovery – Find highly profitable niches and products nobody has thought of before.

  2. Manufacturing Partnerships – Find factories to help us create our products.

  3. Marketing – Copywriting, images, keywords, advertising, everything you need to make products sell on Amazon.

  4. Everything Else – Shipping logistics, inventory management, customer service, team management, fixing common problems and a lot more.


After working with us, you’ll have built and operated a profitable and scalable e-commerce business selling products on Amazon.com.


” Working with Nico is an amazing learning experience. Nico is smart and talented, and his results’ speak for themselves.
He’s documented every single step, so there’s no guesswork involved and you can look up anything you need. He really helps you learn and get skilled, and you get a feeling he genuinely wants you to become amazing and outdo yourself.
Business never felt so friendly before. Nico took a genuine interest in helping me out and was amazingly patient with me. We speak much more than just once a week and I always have fun – he’s got a ton of amazing stories to tell from all of his travels!
Best of all, we’re making real money! We’ve launched 8 different products together and now I’m selling $1000/day! 


If you are a good fit, you will have these qualities…


  1. You hustle. While striving to work smarter and not harder, you’re prepared for intensely-focused work and a few late nights.

  2. You stay positive when setbacks occur and keep the big picture in mind.

  3. You enthusiastically take on responsibilities with big consequences.

  4. You want to own your own business, not work for one.

  5. You can commit at least 10 hours per week. More is better. Less and you won’t learn quickly or make a material difference.


You will run multiple successful product launches within 6-12 months. These will generate real profits and your payments will continue as long as products are selling.


With investors lined up, you have an incredible risk-free opportunity.


If you value your freedom and want to run you own location independent e-commerce business send me a message and we’ll hop on a call.


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