The Best Way To Win A Marathon

The Best Way To Win A Marathon



As soon as they fire the starting gun only the racers who have trained for years and have the perfect body type will be in the lead.


But there’s an easy way to cross the finish line before everyone else. Don’t wait for the starting gun.


Arrive a day earlier than everyone else and walk the 26.2 miles.


Walk 2.6 miles per day and finish the race in 10 days. Just show up 2 weeks before the elite Kenyan runners do.


Unfortunately, you can’t really win a marathon like this. Fortunately, this strategy allows you to ‘win’ at everything else. In real life, you decide when to start.


You can start learning a language today.


You can start building your business today.


You can start saving for retirement today.


You can pick up the guitar today.


You can start getting in shape today.


Think about the unfair advantage of starting the marathon a week before everyone else. You can win even if you are overweight. You can win even if you’re in a wheelchair.


You have that unfair advantage. Starting early is how you can become wealthy, learn Spanish, get in shape, or play beautiful music.


With enough time, everything is easy.


There’s no stress, no sweating, and no huffing’n’puffing… unless you wait for life to fire the starting gun in your face.


“You’re 45 and haven’t saved enough for retirement.” “BLAM!”


“Your boss tells you you’re fired.” “BLAM!”


“You have a heart attack.” “BLAM!”


Then you’re running for your life.


If you wait for the gun the 26.2 miles will be grueling. Your legs will be in pain. You’ll hit ‘the wall’. Your nipples will bleed.


The principle is the same whether you’re running 26.2 miles in 5 hours or trying to save $262,000 in 5 years to ‘catch up’ for retirement.


Do yourself a favor. Decide which races you want to run (Financial, Mental, Spiritual, Physical) and fire your own starting gun today.


Start running your races now.




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