Once Upon A Time In Central America

This is a fun post. I’ve seen a few funny/quirky things since arriving in Central America, and I’d like to share them with you.


1. Crazy Clotheslines


I get it. The French hang their clothes out to dry as well. But do I need a PhD to hang this clothing?





2. Chillin’ Chickens


This chicken has no place in a clothing store, but he’s made himself at home. He just looks at you like a lazy cat.




3. In-N-Out Burger


I’m sure this is a legitimate franchise and not an idea they found on the Internet.


In-N-Out serves wings in the USA too, right?




4. Chinese Restaurants


There are a LOT of Chinese food restaurants down here.


As you can see, their depiction of Chinese people is… positive.





5. Bottled Water


Yes, you can buy bottled water. But why do that when you can buy water in a bag?


If you need a weeks worth you just buy 20 bags that come in a bigger bag!




7. When You’re Sick


When I was a kid, my mom gave me lots of warm water with lemon and maybe some honey. It helped me feel better.


Here in Honduras, kids get a nice warm cup of steaming… Fanta! Yes, soda won’t help you heal, but it is citrus flavored. (Sorry, no picture. This was witnessed in shock!)


The Unexpected Keeps Things Interesting


You see a lot of things you wouldn’t expect when you’re traveling. Time flies by (I’ve been in little La Esperanza for a month!) so I like a little variety.


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