Double Arbitrage And A New American Dream

Double Arbitrage And A New American Dream

Many of the large companies we see every day got wealthy via arbitrage; finding cheap labor and resources from around the world and then re-selling them in the United States for 10x the price of production.


It’s how Apple makes iPhones and it’s how Nike makes basketball shoes. Most of the things in your house probably weren’t made in your home country. Massive ships bring in products from China every day.


Arbitrage is powerful. The ability to manufacture an item for $1 and re-sell it for $10 – $20 allows business owners to get very wealthy very quickly. It’s a powerful profit-generating business model.


But now arbitrage got even more powerful…


Up until recently most businesses had to be stationed in the countries where they sold. This is a massive barrier to entry, because a business owner needs to generate $100,000 in profits before it’s really feasible to live off of the business and continue to grow. Even with this 10X profit margin thanks to arbitrage, it’s difficult to do.


Now the barriers have been lowered. As digital nomads we have the unique luxury of…


Double Arbitrage


Like all business owners, digital nomads can buy products or hire teams to provide services where they are least expensive. Countries like India for labor, China for products, etc… They can then sell those services for 10X the cost of acquiring them, generating large profits.  Most businesses like Apple (headquartered in Silicon Valley) are happy to take advantage of this first 10X multiplier.


Fortunately for digital nomads it’s now possible to live wherever you prefer. And if you’re trying to start a business it’s just as easy to live in a country where your lifestyle costs 10X less than a similar lifestyle at home.


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What are the ramifications?


If you are able to generate 10X profits leveraging arbitrage and support a thriving lifestyle for 10X less money, that you have generated a lifestyle with 100X the wealth you could have had if you ran an American-based company.


This 100X multiplier is one of the major driving forces behind the rather new phenomenon of the ‘digital nomad’ or the ‘location independent entrepreneur’.


You can test out business ideas for extremely small amounts of money and cash you earn can fund your business, not your bills.


You can live comfortably, explore, have fun, and devote time to your business in ways that would require $50,000 of startup capital if you lived in the United States.


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Thousands upon thousands of people are taking advantage of this opportunity. The floodgates are open and a wealthy subset of Gen Y-ers have taken action and reaped massive rewards, not to forget the healthy group in their 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s who have done the same.


Are You Taking Advantage Of This 100X Multiplier?


We have seen an explosion of activity in the last few years as the stage was set for this 100X leverage. It’s now in full-force, and it’s ready for you to take advantage of it.


Young or old, you can use this leverage to your advantage.


Young graduates can use it to escape the tyranny of crushing car payments, bills, and student loans.


Those nearing retirement can use the 100X multiplier to take a small risk and shoot for financial security in their golden years, all without gambling their nest egg.


The power of double arbitrage is the 21st century California Gold Rush.


It’s the American Midwest Oil Boom.


It’s Columbus crossing the unknown Atlantic for gold and glory.


It’s ‘Manifest Destiny’ and the promise of heading West.


Now it’s global. It’s high-tech. It’s uber-connected. It’s data-driven.


It’s a 21st century American Dream.


If it’s calling you, perhaps you should listen.


I want to help you begin your digital nomad lifestyle. Send me a message and let’s change your future.


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