Jump Starting Location Independent Income

First Week's IncomeLast Thursday was a silent victory…. (And I had no idea.)

For a long time, I had been telling myself that I wanted location independent income. Up to that point, however, I hadn’t done much to help myself move in that direction.

I hadn’t even set up an account on one of the more popular outsourcing sites. (Odesk, Freelancer.com, etc.)

It had all been a lot of ‘travel the world for free’ talk with no walk to go with it.

Everything changed that Thursday.


I created an account on Odesk, and took up work as a self described ‘writer.’

I had no credibility, no referenced, no past reviews, no portfolio work, and very little real-life experience as a writer.

This didn’t stop me from applying to a couple positions. I was hoping to at least earn $1 online to prove that location independent income was a possibility for me.


Sending out cover letters to potential employers, I always took the effort to add in a little extra to make the application shine.

One employer represented a blog that gave insights to high school students about to enter college. Without any guarantee of a job, I wrote her an article on the subject for free and said she could use it however she wanted.

Another employer asked for a brief description of a web link they had provided. Instead of adding a short description of the page in my cover letter (as most other applicants did) I wrote out an easy to scan PDF document with a proper title and labeling on top.

I took the time to make additional attached documents for these applications because I wanted to stand out. I knew I didn’t have ‘credibility’ on Odesk and therefore needed to show my employers that I was somehow trustworthy. Going the extra mile was my way of doing this.


I was accepted for both of these jobs, and have been working for them over the past week. I’m pleasantly surprised by the amount of work I was able to find so quickly.

One of these companies is paying me $15 per hour, and I spend a full 30 hours on their projects last week. This netted me $450 that I am very proud to have earned so quickly.

The other company decided to pay me $30 per blog post I wrote for them. Though I am only writing three times per week for them, I am excited to say that this kind of work has extremely high potential! I am able to write a blog post in just 20 minutes meaning that this work is technically worth $90 per hour of my time!

I’m excited to see where Odesk goes in the future. As of now, I am sure that it will have a large potential to change my life in the (very) near future.

Within one week I was able to earn over $600 from anywhere in the world. This is more than enough to pay for an endless vacation is Asia or South America. I’m thrilled to see what happens next as I improve my profile and work to maximize my earning ability on this platform!