Bouncing Back

wine_glassHow long does it take to bounce back?


Life can really hurt at times. It can make you confused.


Many times it has left me wondering, what did I even do that led me to this point?


Life can throw a lot at you. It can make you question everything.


The Inevitable Truth


The fact of the matter is that this happens to everybody. Some people even think that overcoming difficulties and improving yourself is what makes us alive!


This is the inevitable truth. We will all face difficulties.


Where You Have the Power.


You can’t change what happened. You did what you did and everyone else did what they did.


It’s done. It’s all been said. Decisions have been made.


The only place you have power is in the present; in that indescribable moment you call home every second of every day.


Each second is a new opportunity. Each second is a chance to make a decision, to choose and action, potentially to make amends.


The Beauty of it All


No matter where you are coming from, every second is an opportunity for change. One simple action can lead to a cascade of actions, making that initial moment of decision the most important moment of your life.


Each and every day, all day long, the opportunity to take right action is there. It is ever-present, and some would say it is our responsibility to capture it.


You can always choose to take right action. No matter how hard you hit the ground you can always choose to look up and go again.


Every moment is a new chance. What will you choose to do with yours?