When You Know What You’re Worth…….

Photo on 8-2-14 at 6.51 PM #4When you’re offered something in return for your services, it can feel strange asking for more.


It can even feel wrong. And yes, it can even feel ‘risky’… Like you’ll be knocked down without a chance to get up.




Knowing what you’re worth and asking for it is extremely important.


Last week, I had a conversation with a company that wanted me to do some freelance jobs for them. They mentioned to me that starting pay for most of their employees was $11 per hour.


I knew that I was a hard worker. I knew I didn’t have a lot of skills but one thing I did have that made me valuable was my work ethic.


I knew that, even as a 20 year old with few skills, this work ethic made me more valuable than ‘most employees’ starting out in entry level positions.


I told them that if their old employees (constantly on Facebook) were worth $11 per hour, then I was confident that I was worth at least $13.


I can’t tell if they were planning on paying me more from the start, but as soon as I named $13 they quickly turned it around and offered me $15.


What was my takeaway?


I asked for higher pay, and got it. Why?


It was a mixture of….


A. Knowledge in my own abilities

B. Knowing that asking for more is not greedy.


First, I knew that I was a hard worker. This had nothing to do with negotiation, but without confidence in my own abilities I would have known it was wrong to ask for more.


Second, I knew that asking for more would actually benefit my employers.


Yes, benefit them.


By earning more per hour, I would be more ready to give them my full, undivided effort.


Knowing that I had not given myself an undeserved, lowball deal, I now am excited to work for them. If I knew I was working for less than I was worth I would be less likely to put in my full effort.


To quote a famous American boxer….


‘If you know what you’re worth then go out and get what you’re worth’ – Rocky


Learn to ask for what you think you’re worth.


If you have no idea what you’re worth negotiation is impossible and you will never be able to stand up for yourself.


If an employer offers you minimum wage, are you in a position to ask for more?


Know what you’re worth or risk taking a deal that leaves you stuck in an unfavorable financial situation.


If you plan on working with your current employer long term, asking for a deserved $5,000 raise per year with have drastic effects on your life.


Have you ever stood up for yourself and demanded more when you were initially offered a deal that wasn’t in your favor?


Let me know in the comments below.