How To Call Yourself To Action In 3 Steps

How To Call Yourself To Action In 3 Steps

Businesses know how to get you to buy their stuff.


Whether it’s a live sales person or copywriting on a computer screen, there are 3 simple steps.


  1. Show you a problem

  2. Stir up your emotions

  3. Give you a ‘call-to-action’


A call to action may sound like “Why don’t you buy this vehicle right now?”


On the Internet, a call to action (CTA) button will often look like this…



This simple strategy has sold products and services for thousands of years. Today, honest salespeople, swindlers, and non-profit charities use it to great effect.


It works. It gets people moving, buying, voting, and donating.


But these 3 steps are not just applicable to business. They’re not even just for inter-personal communication.


You Can Use This Powerful 3-Step Sales System To Call Yourself To Action


Where are you having difficulty getting started?


Perhaps you’ve got $400 in the bank but for some reason you’re still not looking for a new job, applying to freelance gigs, or hustling on a business idea.


Maybe you’re really unfit and know you need to work out, but it’s not happening.


You can either wait for your ATM card to be declined or your doctor to tell you that you need to go to the gym, but these are stressful, external calls to action! Or… you can call yourself to action (before it gets that bad!) with the same strategy that works so well for businesses.


1. Show Yourself A Problem


You can’t solve a problem you ignore. Consider these areas of your life…


  1. Money

  2. Security

  3. Status, prestige, power or leadership in your field

  4. Health and fitness

  5. Praise and recognition

  6. Popularity

  7. Love and companionship

  8. Personal growth or transformation


Where would you like to see improvement?


2. Stir Up Your Own Emotions


Perhaps one of those items stirred you up just thinking about it. If so, focus there. Let it sit at the forefront of your mind.


Now feel the problem emotionally on a deeper level.


  1. Listen to music that energizes you for 10-20 minutes.

  2. Feel your dislike of your current situation.

  3. Imagine your life where this problem doesn’t exist. Search for images online that express the resolution of your problem. Imagine like a child. Tell yourself a story.


Get yourself energized and excited thinking of a reality where this problem no longer exists.


3. Give Yourself A Call To Action


Building up the activation energy is difficult and that’s the purpose of steps 1 and 2.


Now ask, what’s something you can do to improve the problem(s) you defined above?


Some ideas could be…


  1. Money

    1. Brainstorm a business plan. Research realistic business models that work.

    2. Apply to some freelance jobs on

    3. Make a list of unnecessary things you spend money on that you can cut.

  2. Security

    1. Set aside $500 in an ‘emergency’ savings account.

    2. If you feel your security fears are unfounded, read free blog posts or buy a book on how to feel calm and relaxed.

    3. Watch some YouTube videos teaching basic fighting techniques. Consider attending a self-defense class.

  3. Status, prestige, power or leadership in your field

    1. Search for a ‘Toastmasters’ club near you and plan to attend.

    2. Read 3 news articles relevant to your field/business/industry.

    3. Learn more how someone famous in your industry became that way. Call or email them.

  4. Health and fitness

    1. Do 20 push-ups and 20 sit-ups right now. Plan to do it tomorrow as well.

    2. Run to the store and buy a bag of raw carrots and a cucumber.

    3. Search ’10-Minute Workout’ on Google.

  5. Praise and recognition

    1. Donate to a charity. They’ll say thank you even if you just send $5.

    2. Dive into a project you’re working on now with the intent of doing an incredible and praise-worthy job.

    3. Are you feeling dependent on praise from others? Consider that this, and not the lack of praise, may be the issue.

  6. Popularity

    1. Listen to one episode of ‘The Art Of Likability

    2. Find a group of people to see in person on

    3. Call an old friend or message them on Facebook.

  7. Love and companionship

    1. Download Tinder and start swiping.

    2. Buy a book on improving romantic relationships.

    3. Ask a girl for her number. (Here’s how… if you were wondering.)

  8. Personal growth or transformation

    1. Learn something on Udemy. (It’s fun and there are really good courses!)

    2. Do something that scares you, like lying down in a public place.

    3. Take a cold shower.


Could any of those ideas be helpful for you? Of course.


Set one as your call to action or brainstorm one specifically for your situation. Then and most importantly, take action right away!


Let us know what happens it in the comments on this blog post!