Bulls and Airplanes: Do They Frighten You?

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 12.18.11 AMYour fear of taking risks is holding you back from experiencing the world.


What’s worse is that most of your fears are 100% unfounded.


You don’t really know what’s risky and what’s not.


Lets take some things most people think of as risky.


1. Skydiving.


This sport is actually extremely safe. Most instructors have jumped thousands of times and they wouldn’t do it if they actually had any real chance of dying on the way down.


Do you feel ANY fear about skydiving? If you do, its foolish.


2. Running with bulls in Spain.


When I told people I ran with the bulls, a lot of them said I was stupid.


They knew that people had been gored in the past, and they imagined me with a bullhorn jammed through my thigh. Did they even know that only about 5 people are put through this pain every year?


Since 1910, with thousands running every year, only 15 people have ever died. Is this the kind of odds keeping you from sharing an amazing experience?

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 12.08.36 AMAs a side note, this is a picture of a bull directly before leaping over my head! I laid down in front of the bull pen in order to get this experience. See the video Here!




These are just two examples of experiences people will avoid for their ENTIRE lives because they think they’re too risky.


For me, skydiving and running with the bulls are experiences I will never forget.


Most risks are not as scary as you give them credit for.


After I jumped out of that airplane all I wanted to do was find another thrill.


After a bull rammed its horn into my stomach, I realized that I hadn’t been chasing it vigorously enough! My fear of getting jabbed was causing me to create distance, and after being jabbed I realized I could close in without being afraid.



Because I took these risks I expanded my sphere of comfort.


Because I expanded my sphere of comfort, I’m now less afraid of the world. Just like with the bull, I’m now ready to attack even more intensely than before.


Some people will spend their entire lives afraid of jumping out of an airplane. Others will live to be 80 and call those who run with the bulls ‘stupid.’


This is a waste of potential.


Because I chose to take a risk I am now ready to take on bigger and better challenges!


I love expanding my sphere of comfort!


It’s the most empowering experience I’ve ever known.


What is a risk you’ve taken that you’re thankful you didn’t shy away from? Has it left you more powerful after taking the leap?