Deep Friendships

friendship_day_quotes_13Deep friendships make life worth living. When you have some amazing success come your way you will want to talk about it with those close to you. When you are stressed or confused your closest friends will be the ones to help you out of your situation. Without having people you are really close with, success means nothing and difficulties become unnecessarily painful.


In order to create and experience deep, meaningful relationships you must be completely free around those who you want to be close with. You must be able to tear down all the shells of who you’re supposed to be and just flow. If you feel that you have something to hide then the relationship will never be all that it can be. If you’re hiding behind a wall of insecurity because you’re worried about what the other person may think of you then that’s not a friendship that will make you happy for the long term.


I used to be very closed up around most people. I was always worried that if I let my real self out people would judge me and maybe not like me. I didn’t think I ever really thought about it, but by not opening up I wasn’t enjoying my time with these people anyway!


The first step to solving this problem was simply realizing how closed up I was and analyzing why I chose to be this way. Once I did that, I could start working on improving the situation.


As I started purposely trying to be completely free around people I found that opening up was actually a time consuming process. It was difficult! My natural state was to be shielded, and it took work to learn how to completely relax in the moment. I kept slipping back into my old ways subconsciously. After working on this for a long time I’m surprised to find that I still have difficulty really opening up with those around me. Though I’ve been working hard at it I still have a long way to go.


By attempting to completely relax and show who I really am I have been able to become extremely close with many people in a very short time. Being open shows people exactly what I am. People who don’t like me for me seem to flow out of my life completely unmissed.


Another benefit is that by embodying your completely natural self you give others the ability to more easily relax themselves. Having difficulty opening up is very common! Most everyone has trouble with these things at some point in their life. By opening up around others you actually show them that it’s acceptable for them to do the same.