If You Can’t Meet Them, Absorb Their Content

If You Can’t Meet Them, Absorb Their Content

You know why you should be spending time with the leaders in your field.


  • They have the right mindsets

  • They have the best up-to-date strategies

  • They know the people you need to know

  • They have money


They can improve you and your results but it’s difficult to get around them if you don’t have…


  • The time to seek them out and meet them

  • The money to do what they do

  • The track record to convince them to give you 30 minutes


There is a solution even if, like me 2 years ago, you’re dead broke and on the far side of the world with no track record and not much free time.


Watch, Read, And Listen To Their Content


Watch their videos on YouTube.

Read their blogs or books.

Listen to their podcasts and interviews.


In many ways, these options are better than meeting them in person.


  • You don’t need time to seek them out, send cold emails or drive to meet them. They’re available on your time.

  • You don’t need to pay to watch YouTube, read blogs, or listen to podcasts. Books will cost $10 – $20.

  • You can learn from many of ‘the best of the best’ for as many hours as you want. This is why they create this content.

  • Their content is usually structured to be useful, easy to understand, and easy to apply.

  • If you want to get a real meeting, this background research is necessary before getting in contact anyway!


You won’t get strategies for your specific business, but would Richard Branson help you optimize your little sales funnel anyway?


You won’t get added to their network, but would Jeff Bezos intro you to his CFO anyway?


You won’t get money or investors, but would Larry Page evaluate your $50K ‘Amazon FBA Private Label’ business anyway?


In the beginning, you need their basic mindsets more than specific strategies, high-level intros or financial help.


By absorbing content, you can spend time with many winners without the main bottleneck… the requirement that they spend time with you! Their content is all you need to get started.


Action Steps:


  1. Go online (you already are) and begin spending time with the best of the best for free, for as long as you want. Take notes.

  2. Send them a quick email if you want “Loved your video!” Put them on notice that you’re coming up fast and that they’ll want to meet with you soon.

  3. Get back to work becoming a person like them.