A Gift From India

Photo on 8-24-14 at 11.28 PM #3A good friend of mine just returned from a long trip in India. He was there on a college trip, and he had the opportunity to learn from some of the most successful businessmen in the country. He stayed in the finest hotels, got to eat amazing food, and experienced the best the country had to offer.


The beauty around him was breathtaking, but one thing that really stood out to him was the poverty.


He explained to me one extreme example. One day his group was passing through a slum. Some people needed to climb ladders to get into their sheet metal shelters. All the floors were rusty, the streets were narrow, men lay coughing on the ground, and bathrooms were little more than gaping holes where the smell was so strong it pierced your nose.


Directly next to this ghetto was a massive skyscraper. It was owned by one man who lived there with his family. He had over 300 servants who took care of the nearly 20 stories. He had indoor cricket courts, pools, and many other luxury amenities.


The people around his tower, however, had nothing. All they knew was the small local bakeries that were crammed into the sheet metal jungle and the putrid holes they used as restrooms. Their chances of escape were nearly impossible. They knew nobody outside of the ghetto and they would most likely end their lives as one of the sick, coughing men who littered the mass of rickety buildings.


My friend, returning from his journey, told me the stories of what he had seen in these ghettos. What he wanted to point out was the amazing opportunities available to use here in America.


Sure, some people talk about everything that is messed up about this country. Hell, I do to sometimes. I actually believe I do it more than most.

Sometimes, when you are always looking to get more, it can be easy to forget everything you have available to you on a daily basis. Those individuals living in the ghetto could only ever dream of the life you currently lead.


Usually I believe it is good to ask for more than you’ve currently got. That’s why I think it’s impo
rtant to ask for more money from your employer and speak your mind when something is bothering you and you’d like it to change.


Tonight, however, all I’m thinking about is how grateful I am to have access to all the gifts I currently have in my life. A loving family, opportunities for education, a job I really enjoy; these are all things I am very lucky to have.


Tonight I’m not thinking about negotiation. Tonight I’m not thinking about getting ‘more.’ I already have so much. I’m taking a second to say ‘the HELL with negotiation, I already have everything I need to be happy!’


Will you join me in my moment of appreciation?