The Fearless Lifestyle

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 3.23.13 AMIs it possible to live a life without fear?


The emotion of fear is extremely powerful. Can we ever break away from it?


A lot of studies show just how paralyzed all of us can be when we are afraid. The results are shocking.


There are so many things you could do if only you weren’t afraid.





Being fearless does NOT mean being stupid.


Being fearless does not mean doing every little thought that comes into your mind.


Being fearless does not mean running down the street naked screaming bloody murder because you aren’t afraid of police arresting you.


Being fearless is not about finding something scary (or stupid) and forcing yourself to do it.





Being fearless is about why you do the things you do.


Logic must trump emotion. Facts must conquer fear.


If you are afraid to do something, consider why you are afraid. Is there a logical reason?


Are you afraid of something because it may physically hurt you?


Are you afraid because what you’re about to do may be expensive and leave you on the street?


If so, then you can logically choose to not take action.


You can avoid an action because you know the negative consequences without fear ever being a part of it.


Unnecessary fear is always present.


How many times have you been afraid to approach an attractive member of the opposite sex? It can get you quaking in your shoes. You may start sweating. Your heart may begin to beat quickly.


Logically, you know that this isn’t dangerous at all!


What is he/she going to do…. Mace you?


Take action because of your thoughts, not your emotions.


In the above situation, your emotions are probably telling you to not go talk to this cute guy/girl. The easiest thing to do is back away.


An objective observer, however, will know that speaking with this girl could lead to you finding your next romantic love affair!


Logically, you know what you should do, but it’s like moving mountains to get yourself to do it!


A fearless individual does what he knows is right.


Without this fear, you would go up and talk to this cute individual. In fact, you would approach every individual you were attracted to, and give yourself a much better chance of finding someone you may care about.


A fearless life is an accelerated life.


Being fearless also means you’ll try more, learn faster, and become better at everything you set your mind to.


You’ll learn faster at work, accepting projects that normally you might be afraid to tackle.


You’ll have more friends, never fearing rejection and approaching strangers with ease.


Becoming fearless sets you on life’s fast track. But, the question still remains…. Is it possible to become fearless?


I have no idea.


I believe however, that fighting to become fearless will accelerate your learning and personal growth ten times over the person who remains in their emotional comfort zone.


Can you think of a time when becoming fearless would drastically benefit your life?