A Night In Macau

A Night In Macau

I took a trip outside Hong Kong last weekend. Macau is known for it’s gambling, and a good friend and I decided to explore the casinos for a night.


The buildings in Macau were beautiful, but perhaps a little too ostentatious.


The Venetian


We enjoyed a fun night, and I actually ended up winning more than I lost thanks to a few lucky roulette bets!


A big observation I took away from my night in Macau was this… no matter how much money you have, there will always be an opportunity for you to blow all of it on one purchase or roll of the dice.


Beautiful Casino Decorations


Check out this watch. It’s made by a high-end brand I’d never heard of, and they popped a bottle of champaign when I simply hinted that I’d like to try it on.


Here’s that expensive watch…



To me, it’s not noticeably nicer than the watch I wear now. (watch lovers, tell me why I’m wrong) The main difference I see is that it has a more ‘exclusive’ brand name attached to it.



Where my watch cost $150, this one would set me back over $47,000!


People are buying those expensive watches every day. It isn’t ‘worth it’ in any way. It’s totally unnecessary, but people find a reason to spend the money.


Luxury Car


My Takeaway


When I had that expensive watch on my wrist, It didn’t feel any better than my usual piece, and I’m sure it’s couldn’t be that much more accurate.


I saw the same pattern when my friend and I were betting $10HK on the blackjack tables. We had a great time. Some guys in the room over were probably betting $10,000HK playing a similar game!


Roulette Table


Once you’ve got a baseline level of income, getting a more expensive ‘anything’ doesn’t change the experience too much.


I think it’s great to shoot for the best, but my point there is that if you can get the $150 watch, don’t sweat that you’re not a gazillionaire yet.


You’ve got more in front of you than you think. Maybe you’re so stuck in a future dream that you lose your enjoyment of the present moment!


Macau Night