Public Speaking For The Location Independent

Public Speaking For The Location Independent

If you’re living a life on the road, you might not think that improving your public speaking skills is worth your time and energy. After all, most of your communication happens via email, Facebook chat, or maybe a 1-on-1 Skype call.


Learning to speak comfortably in front of a group offers exceptional opportunities for location independent travelers. Here’s a few reasons why…


1. Many Of You Are Freelancers


Freelance work has always been a stepping stone for those who want to run their own businesses. It’s usually easier to find freelance work than to build a company, and it let’s you get on the road quickly rather than waiting 5 years for an IPO!


A big portion of your time as a freelancer is spent finding work. Not doing work, but applying for jobs and hoping to hear back from potential clients. An important part of this process is the interview, and botching an interview by appearing nervous or unprepared is a quick way to get skipped for the job.


Experience with public speaking will help you feel less nervous during these interviews, and preparing main points for a speech is similar to getting ready to answer specific interview questions from your potential employer.


This means that you’ll have a better chance of landing the job than other applicants.


2. You’re Going To Have A Lot More Fun


It’s exciting to be the guy or girl who rallies a group of strangers together for a night on the town!


If you see an awesome activity, only available in your current location, it’s awesome to find a group of new friends to join you.


If you’re shy or don’t feel comfortable being ‘that guy’ who brings people together, public speaking can be a great way to crush your fears by facing them every time you give a speech!


3. You Want To Be A Location Independent ‘Entrepreneur’… Right?


The goal is to be able to travel wherever you want and run your own company.


Question: Have you ever seen a successful entrepreneur or CEO who wasn’t an exceptional public speaker? Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Tim Ferris, and pretty much anyone else you can think of in a leadership role is an exceptional public speaker!


If you’re going to manage a team of any kind (you’re NOT be a 1 man freelancer show) you’re going to need public speaking skills to…


  • Get people excited about working for and buying from your company

  • Lead your team and get them behind your mission

  • Pick everyone up when the company hits a speed bump.


If you’re looking to go big and raise venture capital, you’ll need to give a persuasive speech in front of wealthy venture capitalists who maybe, just maybe, will agree to give you money.


If your skills aren’t exceptional, it’s unlikely they’ll even consider your company as an option.


4. Complimenting Your Career With Public Speaking Requires Travel Anyway


If you’re doing something exceptional, as many of you are, it’s natural that you will be asked to speak about your area of expertise to others in your industry. Accepting speaking opportunities can be personally rewarding and they also help you build your brand as a ‘thought leader’ in your area.


In addition, most speakers are compensated for their time and with a little experience you can earn thousands of dollars per speech!


Traveling Public Speaker


A problem for a lot of industry leaders, however, is that they’re relatively stuck in one place. They either have a job in a certain city or they’ve bought a house and are raising a family. Because of this, it’s hard to accept speaking engagements in different parts of the country or around the world.


As a location independent speaker, you can gain experience much faster simply because your bags are already packed and you’re ready to go anywhere at a moments notice! If there’s a speaking opportunity next week that’s three states away, you can say yes without missing a beat!


The Takeaway


As a location independent freelancer or entrepreneur, public speaking skills are exceptionally important to your career as well as the enjoyment of your journey.


Especially if you are young and driven, you have an opportunity to level up your skills and leverage public speaking for the rest of your life!


That’s why I created ‘Public Speaking For Millennials‘ – the only online public speaking course created explicitly to help young people just getting started in their careers.


If you want to speak confidently and comfortably in any setting, this is the course for you!


What are you going to get from this course?


  • Over 36 lectures and 51 mins of content!

  • The fundamentals of a successful speech

  • Top speakers’ tips and tricks

  • Interviews with successful millennials who leverage public speaking in their careers

  • Specific ‘next steps’ to become a confident public speaker


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