Do You Need A Coach?

Do You Need A Coach?

Outside of your last team sport commitment, when was the last time you worked with a coach?


Until recently, I hadn’t hired a coach to help me with anything, ever. The only coach I ever had was shouting at my lacrosse team to run faster at practice.


But then I heard how lots and lots of people hire coaches to help them in various aspects of their lives.


  • Fitness

  • Business Goals

  • Relationships

  • Spirituality


There seem to be coaches for almost everything, and they get results. I decided I should hire one as well.


My area of difficulty: Consistency With My Freelance Work


When I didn’t have many clients, I would spend a good deal of time applying to jobs and looking for work.  But once I had a good list of clients, I would stop.


I run Adwords, Facebook, and email marketing campaigns for my clients, and if I had enough work in front of me I wouldn’t look for more. Then, when those jobs ended, I would need to rush because I’d hit a valley where I had little to no work at all!


This needed to stop, so I hired an accountability coach to help me out. I wanted to stay on track so that I didn’t have the peaks and valleys I’d been getting myself into.


I hired a coach named Joanna to chat with me once per week, and her coaching is doing it’s job. I’m consistently earning $500+ per week, and this money is going into my business and buying my plane tickets.


Here’s a few reasons why her coaching is so helpful. Does this seem helpful to you?


1. A Coach Will Tell You If You’ve Set A Reasonable Goal


During our first real ‘coaching’ call, I told Joanna that my goal was to earn $1,000 per week freelancing. While I still believe this is possible, she helped me see that setting a very attainable $500/week goal to begin with was a better route to take.


This was a goal I knew I could hit. Rather than setting the higher goal that I had a large chance of missing, we agreed that starting off with something attainable was a better route. I’m glad my coach helped me make that decision, otherwise I would have ‘failed’ in reaching my goal instead of been ‘making progress’ as I currently have been.


2. A Coach Has Seen It All Before


Coaches with experience in a particular area have worked with many clients similar to you. They are experts at helping people who do what you do.


The know how to handle common challenges they’ve seen many times before with their past clients. They’ll often be able to give you next-steps that will get the results you’re looking for.


For example, a relationship coach may recognize how a couple is interacting to help them solve an issue. Even though she doesn’t know either of the partners better than they know each other, her experience with past couples allows her to provide a solution.


3. A Coach Is Someone To Be Accountable To


My coach and I decided on a few tasks that would help me stabilize my income. I’ll apply to 3 jobs per day, even if I feel like I have enough work at that time. I made sure to follow through, because if I didn’t I’d need to explain why next week. I’d need to admit why I screwed up.


Even if you don’t have a prior connection to your coach, not wanting to let them down will keep you on-track.


Is It Time For You To Get A Coach?


Getting a coach isn’t free, but it doesn’t need to be expensive either. I hired my coach to help me reach a small financial goal, and so far it has paid off better than I expected. 🙂 It’s been well worth the money!


A coach can be a valuable asset to allow you to reach your goals more easily.


Is there an area of your life where you could use a coach?


Want to know more about how hiring a coach can help you?  Send me a message and I’ll give you a few ideas. You can also ping me if you’d like to work with my coach, Joanna!


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