When you travel outside your own country you see it everywhere.


In Thailand, 20 foot tall gold-framed pictures of the king are placed at main intersections in Bangkok and throughout the country.


In schools in Vietnam, pictures of general Ho Chi Minh (nicknamed ‘Uncle Ho’) are hung at the front of classrooms so children look at them for 6+ hours every day. Below are five ‘rules’ children should follow to be ‘good’ citizens.


In the Philippines, I walked by buildings spray painted with “Proudly Build By Major XXX For The People Of Puerto Galera!” while I knew the major was stealing tax dollars from locals and foreigners alike.


When you’re not in your home country, propaganda is easy to see. Sometimes it’s blatantly obvious, like when someone tries to surprise you with a magic trick and you already know the secret.


Where it’s not so obvious, however, is at home. This is because you’re used to the propaganda, and it’s probably been shown to you since you were very little.




When we’re little, we don’t have a choice. Just like the little boys and girls in Vietnam we pledge allegiance to our ‘Uncle’ Sam every day.


We were fed subliminal messages using in video and television. I don’t know how well this propaganda actually works, but what matters is that the government tries to make it work. (Watch this clip below for a well-known example)



Have you ever heard of Edward Bernays, the close relative of psychologist Sigmund Freud? Some people have never heard of him. In certain circles he is infamous for his propaganda work for the United States government as well as marketing work for large corporations. This is an excerpt from his book ‘Propaganda‘ , and you can learn more about this man on his Wikipedia page.


Bernays Propaganda


I don’t know how many ‘free-thinking’ Americans would keep voting Democrat or Republican if they really considered what both sides have done over the last 40+ years.


Iraq was never linked to Al Quaeda, and we act like that doesn’t matter.


Obama promised us that the NSA wasn’t storing our emails and calls, and now the truth is out.


In the ‘Land Of The Free’ police backed by Civil Asset Forfeiture steal more property than criminals. ($4.5 Billion in 2014)


And on and on…


If you watch the news a lot, you know that it’s main purposes are empty entertainment, fear-mongering, and convincing you that America is spreading freedom when we’re actually destabilizing the world, dropping bombs, an going bankrupt in the process.


Is This News To You?


I am not an expert on this subject, but the little research I’ve done over the years has convinced me that there is much more going on than I, you, or most of the public is aware of.


If this article interests you, read some blogs from people who have been keeping their eyes open since before I was born. The Sovereign Man is a good place to start. The articles are short, shocking, and well researched.


For real news on the global economy, The Wellington Letter is a paid resource that has been recommended to me, even though I currently do not subscribe.


There is an onslaught of information forced upon you on a daily basis, it’s called propaganda. More importantly than ever before, you need to start thinking for yourself and making your own rational decisions.



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