How Broke Jealousy Turns Into Rich Arrogance

How Broke Jealousy Turns Into Rich Arrogance

If you don’t deal with your jealousy when you’re broke it may turn into arrogance when you’re wealthy. It doesn’t go away, it changes.


When you’re broke, it’s normal to feel jealous. ‘Normal’ has never been a good way to live or think.


You see other people buying things, experiencing things, doing things and going places that you can’t. You’re hustling hard every day and they’re enjoying themselves every weekend. It’s enough to make you angry, resentful, demotivated, and very jealous.


I’ve been ‘broke’ for a long time, and so I understand this feeling.


Problem: The Belief That “Something Is Wrong.”


You believe there is a big problem. That causes the anger, resentment and jealousy.


You, the situation you are in, or perhaps the unfair world are ‘wrong’ in some way.


You’re worse. You’re dumb. You’re wrong.


They’re better. They’re smarter. They’re right.


This belief is difficult to outgrow when you’re working so hard for so little while others seem to get so much while hardly working at all.


The truth is… they’re not much smarter than you. They’re not ‘better’ at their core.


The truth is… you will figure out how to get out of your situation. Maybe being broke for 1-2 years is your transformational crucible, but you will get out of it. Stressful days go by slowly when you’re broke, but it is short term.


The truth is… the real long-term problem is that while you will find a way to become wealthy you may not change your beliefs about what it means to be broke/wealthy.


If your beliefs don’t change, you’ll look at other people who are struggling and now think something is wrong with them. With the roles reversed you’re no longer jealous. You’re arrogant!


You’re better. You’re smarter. You’re right.


They’re worse. They’re dumb. They’re wrong.


You probably don’t want to be that kind of arrogant wealthy person, so here’s what you should do today if you’re still broke.


  • Focus with gratefulness on what’s ‘right’ about your current situation.

    1. Where you live

    2. The things you own

    3. The food you eat

    4. The work you do

  • Focus with faith on the nice things other people have.

    1. Believe that you can and will do/own this as well.

    2. Know that you will transcend your current situation.


Feel gratefulness and faith when you’re broke so that you can feel the same for others once you’re wealthy. They are also in a ‘crucible’ moment.


Nothing is wrong with them, just like nothing is wrong with you.


Nothing is wrong at all.