It’s Illegal To Make You Do That

It’s Illegal To Make You Do That

If you want to achieve big things, or even medium-sized things, you’ll need to push yourself in ways no one else can.


Your mother loves you too much, and for most everyone else… it’s flat-out illegal.


Your boss isn’t allowed to make you work more than 40 hours per week.


Unless you’re in military boot camp, it’s illegal for anyone, even your personal trainer, to force you to do those sit-ups and pushups.


The legal definition of a forced cold shower is ‘enhanced interrogation technique’.


Even someone with good intentions isn’t allowed to rip the corn-dog out of your hand and replace it with a carrot.


You must be your own benevolent dictator.


You force yourself to work hard and long.


You get yourself to do the sit-ups. You push yourself into the cold shower


You take away the delicious food and replace it with carrots.


It’s illegal for anyone else to make you do it but you should probably do it to yourself every day.


When things need to get done and results are on the line… your mother can’t help you, your friends can’t persuade you, the police, government, or even the POTUS can’t force you.


The only person who can help you, is you.