Using A Windfall

Using A Windfall

Darn. I’ve done it again. I overstayed my 90-day Visa and need to pay.


I’m getting flashbacks of my exit crossing out of Thailand where my fee was $400 and my bank account held $410.


This fee would be much less, about $60. I still wasn’t happy.


But when I approached the border they stamped my passport and waved me through. No fee.


Returning the $60 from my passport to my wallet, I breathed a sigh of relief. It was as if I had received a gift.


Now, what to do with this ‘free’ $60. How will I use this windfall?


Rather than just increase my consumer expenses, it’s best to invest it in some forward-thinking way.


Maybe there was an educational audiobook that was ‘too expensive’. Maybe I should experiment and spend $50 on that ‘expensive’ Facebook advertising. This $60 was ‘written off’, so now I can use it however I want.


$60 is small, but unexpected inheritances, tax refunds, and Christmas bonuses are not. How you choose to use them makes a difference.


I met a man in Nicaragua who owns a coffee farm. He’s living off of just $200/month, but he spent $100 to send a sample of his coffee to potential buyers in the UK. They have the capacity to regularly buy 10 shipping containers off of him; a massive opportunity for his farm!


That’s the kind of potentially-infinite-return investment you can make with a $60 windfall.


We all get a windfall every now and then. How will you choose to spend yours?


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