Where Will You Go In 2017?

Where Will You Go In 2017?

I was just listening to the audiobook ‘Shoe Dog’ by Phil Knight, the founder of Nike. Obsessed with all things ‘shoe’ he mentioned that the average human takes enough steps during his life to walk around the earth 6 times.


This article estimates an average of 7,500 steps per day, 216,262,500 steps in a lifetime, or about 110,000 miles.


That’s about one round trip every decade of life; every 2 decades if you live to 100.


That’s a lot of steps and a lot of covered ground! This reminded me of the power of focus.


The World Is Incredibly BIG, But


… we all take enough steps to circle the globe. That’s an incredible statement. The catch is that every step needs to be in the same direction.


You can walk the same distance in circles without ever leaving your hometown. You can walk it all on your daily commute. If you walk left, right, north, south, up and down, you’ll walk and walk without getting anywhere.


Those same steps, all taken in a single direction, become a journey. They become an adventure. You will cross continents!


Are you on a journey or are you walking in circles?


Are you thinking in circles? Are you working in circles?


A little progress in too many directions means little or no progress in any one direction.


It’s 2017. What direction do you want to walk this year?


You have the ability to circle the globe and surmount other obstacles as well.


Where do you choose to go?