Waiting For Adventure

Waiting For Adventure

One of the benefits of being location independent is that you can travel on a moment’s notice. If an exciting opportunity presents itself (business or leisure) you want to be able to take advantage of it.


Last week my extended family had a little get-together. The group was mainly cousins I hadn’t seen in a long time, and I spent a good deal of time talking with one in particular who sparked my travel bug for a location I hadn’t considered before.


He had spend a good portion of the last 10 years living in Alaska. He loved the beautiful outdoor backdrop of the state and the ‘I don’t care what you do as long as you don’t bug me’ mentality of the locals. Sure there aren’t a lot of people there, but those who inhabit Alaska live in a way that most of us in the lower 48 have forgotten.


The Trip


He described a trip that I could take in the near future. It begins on the Alaska State Ferry, where I can then pick a town to jump off at. From there I’ll hike to one of the secluded ‘ranger cabins’ in the backcountry. I could live for a week or so with no interruptions, hunting for my own food and exploring the countryside.


I asked him about safety, and he said I could learn all the basics in about a week. This would include lessons on how to survive in a cold climate and what to bring with me, as well as basic hunting and gun safety skills. You can even buy emergency beacons that can be turned on at a moments notice that will alert a patrol to come get you, so you’re fairly safe.


We quickly decided that rather than doing a solo trip, it would be much more exciting if my brother came with me. Two brothers in the woods tracking down deer and ‘bonding’ for a week. Awesome!


The Possibility


It’s Winter now, but I’m looking forward to doing this trip as soon as Summer rolls around. Here’s the best part… I actually can do this trip. We’ve got to wait for my brother’s next vacation (he’s still in college) but I’m free to fly up early and get a lay of the land if I’d like to spend a whole month up there before he arrives.


Freedom is the driving force here. I love having the ability to ‘jump’ on these trips when the idea flashes into my mind. They’re all possible, and I have all year to plan and take part. I don’t need to wait until my 2 week vacation, and even then I could only do 1 trip like this per year! I just got back from Asia and now I’m thinking about Alaska. I can’t imagine how I’d get excited if I only had 2 weeks per year to explore like this.


That’s really why I love this. The ‘default’ state is pretty great, but more importantly it’s highly motivating!


You can do it too… shoot me a message if you’d like to talk about what’s possible for you! (On Twitter @Nico Jannasch is best or via my contact form)