Will You Take The Leap?

Will You Take The Leap?

“Where most people screw up their dreams for location independence isn’t in the middle. It’s at the very beginning. That initial fear of taking the first step off the beaten path spoils it all.”


I’ve got this message written on the front page of my website because I know it’s true.


A little over one year ago I was in college. I was taking classes I didn’t like, sitting next to people who didn’t think like me, and dreaming of independence. Weeks and months passed by but I wasn’t going anywhere and tension built up in my chest.


Never before in my life had so much stress, created by so many emotions, lasted for so long.


I was afraid because I knew what I wanted to do… and it wasn’t reasonable. I wanted to travel the world. I wanted to start my own business and get out of the rat race. I wanted to leave school, create my own life by my own design, and help others do the same. I saw what I wanted but I was deathly afraid, and this fear caused me to lie awake at night and collapse from exhaustion mid-day. Worst of all, I cried thinking about the future I was indefinitely delaying.


I wanted to buy a one-way ticket to the far side of the world, to make that decision that would change my life, to take action… but I didn’t for many months. When I finally did buy a ticket I freaked out and canceled the $700 payment. For years I had kept my dreams on life support, and I was about to let them die.


It was another six months before I had the guts to take that flight. I almost didn’t go through with it, and that’s why I created this blog.


If you talk to most people, they don’t think traveling the world, building wealth, and gaining control over their time is possible.


They fall for myths, like ‘It’s lonely.’, ‘It’s dangerous.’ or ‘I can’t go back home.’


They think that only multi-millionaires can travel the world all the time.


They think they’ll need to put their careers on hold or give up on having a family.


In short, most people think that changing their life is impossible. That’s sad, because it’s not. The only real barrier in anyone’s way is their own fear. Once you’re on the road you’ll be able to figure it out but making that initial decision, buying that ticket, or telling your family you’re leaving, can appear to be frightening obstacle.


That’s why I created this blog to help people like you jump into the digital nomad lifestyle. The right story told to the right person at the right time can change a life, and my goal with this blog is to help make that change happen.


That’s also why, working with a good friend of mine Lars King, I’ve created the course ‘How To Become A Digital Nomad‘. I’ve seen so many lives changed by the decision to take action and dive into this new lifestyle. In order to make that a reality for you, you need to remove the #1 reason most people stay put; fear. This course will remove that fear.


Inside our course we tear down the ‘scary’ myths about digital nomadism and help you connect with other like-minded individuals as you criss-cross the globe. We’ll tell you everything we know about launching a location independent career that will allow you to earn money from anywhere, and you’ll get even more from our interviews with expert digital nomads who share their secrets to success. With the right mindsets, tips, strategies, and resources all neatly bundled in our course, you’ll feel confident in your ability to thrive as a digital nomad.


Check out the course (discounted 50% for readers on this blog) and then make the decision that can change your life. Make the decision that gives you freedom. Make the decision you’ll be proud of. The choice is yours.


How To Become A Digital Nomad (50%-off link)